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Why I Hate Instagram

I felt the need to rant about this, so here is as good a place as any to do it: Instagram is awful.

I actually started using Instagram back when it first came to Android after spending some time as an iOS exclusive, or so I heard. Back then it was a hip and cool thing, so it seemed more genuinely interesting and fun to see the photographic content people were producing, like a club for amateur photographers.

In time, as I began to travel more, it was also a sensible way to show off the intriguing sights I encountered along the way. However, as Instagram grew more popular and was subsequently acquired by Facebook, so too did it become more evil. Of course, I'm not blaming Facebook specifically for this, but the acquisition may also have just been a sign that the platform had outlived its goodness.

Around here Instagram is basically the primary social network. People want to do all their daily posting on it, and they also want to message you on it when they want to get a hold of you. Messaging on Instagram... ha! What an absurd idea.

Some months ago I came to the conclusion after reviewing my mobile data usage that I had just had it with Instagram. It was not only wasting my time with no reward--it's more like pretending that you're keeping in touch with your circle of friends by courteously reviewing the junk they post every day--but also my mobile data as well, which I was paying per megabyte for. Why sacrifice gigabytes to something you don't even like?

So I just deleted it, but after a while of not beig in touch with anyone anymore, I started thinking that maybe I should give it another go. After all, it can't be that bad, can it? I probably just had to some Spring cleaning and unfollow accounts I'm not interested in, and surely it'll help me to be a little more social while social distancing...

Well, yes and no. Once I had it back on my phone, I immediately was confronted by what I realize make it terrible. Here I will list them:

Too Many Ads

Good Lord, it's just an ad platform. I'm usually that not much of a stickler about some ads here and there, but it seems quite literally to be 50% of the content, and that just makes you hate it. It's enjoyable photos of my friends and family are beith withheld on the condition that I view one ad before every one. What if it's a slow day and they aren't posting much? Here, more ads!

Lack of Original Photography

Why is the Intagram idea good in the first place? Because people get to share their photography. It doesn't have to be fancy, but the platform is built around the concept that you're taking pictures and you want to share them. As a consequence of the platform breaking into mass popularity, it's overrun by useless accounts.

A useless account on Instagram, which I figure is most of them now, is someone who produces nothing. Either they don't post anything at all, or (even worse) they post a whole bunch of stuff that they didn't photograph or create, like just random images and memes they come across online or get sent by their friends. Oh, and don't get me started on text posts. You seriously want to post pictures of text on Instagram? Aren't you looking for Twitter, or Facebook?

In light of these, it even doesn't seem so bad anymore when some people just post selfies every day. While it's true nobody wants to see you that much, at least it's original content.


This is like Instagram's main feature now, but it really takes away from what made it good in the first place. People no longer have to put care into creating something to post or think about whether it merits posting. It reduces the value of what goes onto the platform, and as far as I can tell it is just an ampilifier for all the bad things I mentioned earlier. If you're sick of the ads, well there's 10x more of them in the story feed. Sick of your friends sharing online images or walls of text? Your friend has 50 of them in their story today.

There's also just people who post too much to their stories. I had to ignore a couple friends for that alone, even though they were producing content, it was just too absurd to think I'd want 100 video clips and photos from them in a single day.

So anyway, there you have it. Is it salvageable? Can it be made better? Well, not really. If you are good about judiciously finding exactly the right people to follow and unfollow or ignore, then you can probably get in some good content, but you will never get rid of the ads. The things that made the platform good and unique in the beginning seem to no longer be major factors going for it, and I regret to say that even Facebook itself offers a better experience than this.

I'm feeling like I might just have to delete it again, but I was able to be reminded why doing so was a good idea in the first place!