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How to subscribe to this blog:

All items published here are added to an Atom feed, an Internet standard for tracking posts, updates, articles, etc. on various independent websites. It's too much trouble to check all these various and sundry sources yourself (How would you remember?), but luckily there are handy websites and applications that you can use to keep up to date with anything.

There are many potential feed readers you can use, including mobile and desktop applications, but one easy way is to go to and sign in with your Google account if you have one. (If you don't or would prefer not to, you can create an account by other means, but using external authentication just means one less thing to remember.) I actually used to use Google Reader myself long ago before the project was shut down, and that was when I followed their suggestion to move to feedly.

One logged in, you simply click the button to add a news source, and type in and viola! You can then subscribe and be notified on the site or in its app whenever I add something new.

While your feed reader is open, you can also subscribe to any other news sources you desire, even major ones like the BBC and the New York Times, which means the reader can work in lieu of the morning paper. Even better, you can subscribe to more personal and specialized sources that are relevant to you.

Happy browsing!