Ben's Logarion ☪


Still Alive!

Well it has been some time since I have written any entries in my log. Truth be told, I am not a very diligent logger, and that's mainly due to laziness. Of course, this Logarion is meant to live forever regardless of post frequency, so don't take it off your feed just yet.

I figured it would be better to write a post about nothing in particular rather than write nothing at all, so it seemed fair enough to allow myself to post about my not posting! Of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't still other things to consider, so I should mention that I'm still thinking about the direction that I want to take the content of my posts in.

Some ideas:

Until now I've chosen to break down the content into two fundamental categories, "news" and "articles". I'm still not sure if they are different enough to warrant being separated, but the basic idea is that "news" is for shorter posts like brief updates or personal posts like a journal or random thoughts. "Articles", on the other hand, are meant to be a long-form and more comprehensive treatment of a specific topic, hopefully conveying some useful information or idea to warrant setting them apart. This should make them easier to find and revisit for those who find them interesting or useful, and would save time from having to sift through personal posts.

I'm always open to suggestion from my readership, although I believe I have none. (If you are out there I suspect there are only one or two of you.) If you would like to respond to anything I write, you probably already know how to contact me, but otherwise that's why I have the contact page with my XMPP address. If you prefer e-mail then you can find it for now by looking at the Markdown version of this page; all you have to do is change the .html extension in the address bar to .md and look in the header of the resulting file. Will spammers find it? Hopefully not!