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David Peterson & The Art of Conlanging

By sheer coincidence, the day I recorded and published my own gemcast episodes about constructed languages, a podcast called BlackSheep Broadcast did a very nice interview with the famous language creator David J. Peterson. Here is a link to it on Soundcloud:


I just finished listening to it and was pleased to see that they touched upon several of the same points I delved into in my gemcast, and it was quite satisfying to hear Peterson's responses revealing points of view quite similar to my own as far as language is concerned. It lets me know that I'm not too far off the mark!

Beyond that, reflecting on my last gemcast episodes about conlangs, I realized there's a couple parts where I may have subtly misspoken or was slightly off. For example, the story about Marc Okrand dubbing over a pre-recorded Star Trek scene in Klingon might actually have been done for Vulcan language rather than Klingon. (A small but important distinction!) Another interesting story about his work on Star Trek that I heard about, is how in at least one scene an actor had said a word in Klingon for which Marc later had to derive a meaning or explanation for how it fit into the language, and that input from the show and films played a crucial role in the shaping of Klingon's grammar.

If you have not heard the gemcast episodes yet, check them out using the link below:

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