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Announcing Gemini Radio

After reading about client support for streaming in diohsc, I got the bright idea to implement streamable audio in Gemini and create what might be the first Gemini-based podcast, which I call a "gemcast". (Very creative, right?) Since it was experimental, I did a quiet launch on my homepage and got feedback from some friends. It seems to be going well enough that I'm now making a broader announcement in the Gemosphere to invite more listeners. The gemcast index has now been added to Spacewalk, and you can find it here:

=> gemini://

or just:

=> gemini://

Now, if you are not set up for streaming in your client, since I don't think most clients support that, you can simply download the episodes. Because ogg is streamable, you can even listen to partially downloaded files while they are downloading, which I do with mpv all the time on my system, so no need to wait for the download to finish to start listening. :)

And who knows, maybe one day mpv will support gemini:// connections natively! Any volunteers to implement this? It seems to already handle a bunch of other protocols.

Thanks for listening!